Machine Learning in Finance 

The finance and insurance industry has been always one of the most intensively data-driven industries. With a large amount of diverse data and high demand on data analytics, the finance and insurance sectors have devoted attention to the rapidly developing area of machine learning. Today, machine learning offers the best opportunities in big data analysis. Using ML, finance institutions are able to reveal hidden dependencies and specified patterns among millions of records in a fraction of a second, detecting fraud, for example, or recognizing a trend. 

Application of Machine Learning in Finance

BitRefine group delivers advanced solutions based on modern machine-learning models for applications, related specifically to finance and insurance sectors.


Services and solutions, we work on with

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    Comprehensive Product Management

    Build a digital vision and road map unique to your business needs, create a superior product for your customer.

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    Digital Transformation for Hi-Tech Enterprises

    Develop newer business models rapidly to lead in the ever-evolving Digital age. Focus on digital transformation of semiconductor industries for better results.

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    Next-Generation M&A IT Integration

    Explore the next level of M&A IT integration and expand the potential of your Hi-Tech business landscape.

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    Transforming Experiences

    Transform the way your customers & employees engage with the business applications and functions, and one-up the digital applications solutions for the business.

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    Next-Generation App Management for Semi Conductor & High Tech Enterprises

    Gain accelerated outcomes, with automation and innovation at your fingertips. Next-generation solutions and services driven with focus on the semiconductor industry

Benefits to Semi Conductor & High Tech

High-tech solution for the high-tech industry

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    Ideation and Planning

    This predictive analysis breaks down key performance indicators to help you easily understand the impact of engineering decisions.

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    Monitoring Production

    his provides a constant, accurate understanding of equipment status to ensure consistent performance for your semiconductor company.

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    Beyond the Supply Chain

    Definitive solution for high-tech and semiconductor manufacturing and production companies, as you receive industry-focused.


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Plan


    Reporting-as-a-Service offers detailed analytical inputs of the project progress allowing mitigation on demand to minimize deviations.

  • Converge


    Better control business outcomes, using our service stack – Mosaic, Digital Jedis, and other human-centered delivery experience.

  • Implement


    Collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging our innovation labs, digital financial ecosystems, alliances & partners will make it happen.