Plastic and Fiber Industries


How our IT services Incline your Business

Today, manufacturing is becoming more complex, as well as more automated. The industrial Internet of Things is generating great volumes of data at incredible speed, forming foundation of big data for manufacturing industry. Our R&D team works on a number of solutions that use modern computer vision and machine-learning techniques to increase speed of manufacturing processes, improve reliability, and make forecasting models based on sophisticated data analysis.

Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Big number of manufacturing companies collect much process specific data. For the cases, where companies deal with hundred thousands of records and hundreds of different parameters, we can offer very effective data analysis solutions, based on machine learning techniques, aiming practically one fundamental goal – accurate forecasting. Such kind of solution are always tailor-developed. BitRefine group glad to offer services on research and solution customizing.


Solutions offered by Technosai

  • market


    Enable superior digital experiences, by modernizing legacy systems and improving POS experience by leveraging APIs, SAP-IS retail and other partnership ecosystem.

  • car-parts


    Enable simple, frictionless, and compliant technology solutions, by leveraging enterprising applications like S4HANA, blockchain and analytics.

  • food

    Food & Beverage

    Drive operational efficiencies and improve ecommerce interaction, by bringing a domain-centric middle and back-office transformation to enhance customer reach.

  • racket

    Sporting Goods Industry

    Drive operational efficiencies and improve experience, by bringing a domain-centric middle and back-office transformation approach.

  • travel

    Travel & Entertainment

    Drive operational efficiencies and improve experience, by bringing a domain-centric middle and back-office transformation approach.

  • pay

    Consumer Services

    Interfacing applications for enhanced customer interfacing with business offers better feeback compilation. Blockchain, HANA applications to help better data analystics.

  • dress


    Gain competitive advantage from integrating creative design and product ideas with better exposes ecommerce transformation to enhance customer reach and experience.

  • phone

    Consumer Electronics

    Electronic applications today have extensive people interaction. Digital transformation and data analytics allow better insight to the market place.

  • trolley


    Understand every move of the retail customer makes or breaks business in the FMCG sector. Benefit from the digital transformation options using C4HANA, data analytics and other tools.


Technosai offer digital transformation and IT solutions well-suited retail industries. We provide software and IT services focused on the cloud, mobile, enterprise application and analytics.

Trade Promotions Management

Our SAP trade promotion management consulting help you get real insight to plan, create, execute and analyse trade promotions, optimize promotions, building simulations.

Trade Promotions Management
Marketing Services & Branding

Build and execute effective enterprise Brand management applications using the SAP – CRM, SEM, BI platforms for better decision making and product promotion.

Marketing Services & Branding
Sales Effectiveness Solutions

Using the SAP enterprise application platform S4HANA and other simple logistics platforms for designing and establishing effective Sales and promotions.

Sales Effectiveness Solutions
Supply Chain Management

Improved production planning, business forecasting and demand planning made possible with SAP supply chain management solutions and consulting.

Supply Chain Management

Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Plan


    Reporting-as-a-Service offers detailed analytical inputs of the project progress allowing mitigation on demand to minimize deviations.

  • Converge


    Better control business outcomes, using our service stack – Mosaic, Digital Jedis, and other human-centered delivery experience.

  • Implement


    Collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging our innovation labs, digital financial ecosystems, alliances & partners will make it happen.