Nurturing Communities

Envisioning a sustainable organization, bridging growth and client expectations, is an integral part of TGS’s culture since its inception

Wellness and Safety

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body - we strive to achieve a positive balance encompassing physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing by organizing weekly meditation sessions. The flagship wellness program extends up-to complimentary healing camps for employees and their family members. Medical emergencies can become stressful situations, our medical benefits for each employee extends up-to their family members, we care!

We understand that all work and no play, sure does make Jack a dull boy! Annual health and fitness workshops in form of sports events, organization-wide cricket matches, participating in marathons are few of the highly encouraged sports.

Building a safe culture to promote safety practices at workplaces, educating employees for fire and emergency drills.


Equal opportunity

ü    To offer the most effective and reliable application technology keeping in mind your current and future necessities.

TGS Infotech is an Equal Opportunity Employer, embracing diversity in religion, race, nationality, marital status, gender, age, ethnic origin and physical ability. Work from home is extended to employees in need. We believe in providing equal growth opportunities to all, nurturing them with technical and non-technical trainings, bringing in fun at workplace with group activities and games, celebrating festivals with splendor, annual days, birthday celebrations, tickling brains with quiz, rewards, awards and recognition for performance, referrals, project success, sales, punctuality, R&D, referrals, training and certification assistance and a lot more.

The yearly open house session – Transcend, focuses on sharing annual performance of various business functions and their focus areas for the coming year. Fueling the feel-good factor, we promote Townhall Meeting among employees, as they get an opportunity to interact, present ideas, voice their opinions, ask questions etc. to the management and higher authorities.

An organization’s strength lies in acknowledging the differences, work-life balance can be a tough call for all. Flexible work timing assists everyone within the organization to maintain the right balance during pressing times.

ü    A promise of quality in every service and support offering we make to our customers across industry verticals.

ü    To offer the best-in-class certified professional with excellent track record to handle all your business critical functions.




Ringing in positivity at workplace with ergonomically designed offices and office furniture’s, soothing office colors to reduce stress levels for employee


Headed by experienced leadership.

Our Values

TechnoSai has driven all its business pursuit based on a single core principle – transparency. This forms the core value for us in every endeavor we take up.

Transparency between team members, leadership and the employees and most importantly transparency in the commitment and promise we offer to all our clients.

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    We do what is right.

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    We never stop learning and improving

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    We respect each other and draw strength from our differences.

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    For Better

    We do what matters/p>