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Health Care and Medicaid 

Fortunately, these days we see continuous development of diagnostic and treatment tools available in hospitals and clinics. High-definition scanners allow radiologists to recognize anomalies more reliably and efficiently. However, the healthcare industry is always facing challenges. Our group works on solutions that help the whole industry take a big step forward: we work on automating the process of detecting the anomaly itself. Modern computer vision together with deep-learning models is already capable of seeing objects on radiology images and marking them out automatically. Such computer-aided diagnosis systems help doctors in analysis of medical images, increasing reliability and reducing workload.


Our IS-OIL service offerings

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    Subsurface Digitalization

    Documents management systems integrated with the ERP application allowing storage of inaccessible physical data and making document accessible to team with ease.

  • subsurface_data_quality_tools

    Data Quality Management Tool

    Ensure workstation ready data leveraging DMS and DQM Tools integrated to the enterprise application help streamline quality checks and governance.

  • emergancy_mgmt_icon

    Emergency Management Solution

    Integrated Platform for all Emergency Management Activities. Ensuring adherence to industry standards and Environment checks and disaster management.

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    Leak Detection

    Early warning system and disaster management applications monitoring and tracking risks concerning fluid spill, and workforce & environment safety. Predictive Maintenance of ageing pipelines.

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    Fleet Management

    Reduce risk, improve safety optimize fleet operations with real-time, GPS tracking, and fleet monitoring. End-to-end IoT solution to capture vehicle diagnostic parameters.

  • digital_oil_field

    Digital Oil Field Framework

    Digital Oil Field (DOF) framework applications integrated with enterprise application and cloud solutions enables superior decision-making by providing on-demand access.

  • prime_plant

    Predictive Maintenance for Refineries

    Detect potential failures in critical equipment well ahead of time, S4HANA applications with effective Plant Maintenance manage it all and much more.

  • terminal_automation

    Terminal Automation System

    RPA Advisory, Process Consulting, Discovery & Assessment, E2E RPA Implementation, Connected RPA Experience to help Oil & Gas.

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    Intelligent RPA

    RPA Advisory, Process Consulting, Discovery & Assessment, E2E RPA Implementation, Connected RPA Experience to help Oil & Gas.

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    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Introduce innovative IoT solutions & offerings to help the Oil & Gas industry clients optimize production, enhance asset utilization & uptime.

Benefits to bank on

The oil & gas segments we serve.

  • upstream

    Leverage Technosai’s rich domain expertise and heritage in the oil and gas sector to transform the Upstream value chain.

  • midstream

    Mitigate key business risks with our robust midstream services,including Advanced Pipeline Leak Detection and Field Workforce.

  • downstream

    Technosai’s solutions for refinery operations and maintenance, logistics and marketing ensure reliable, cost-effective and efficient downstream activities.


Transform your technology by focusing on 3 key areas

  • Plan


    Reporting-as-a-Service offers detailed analytical inputs of the project progress allowing mitigation on demand to minimize deviations.

  • Converge


    Better control business outcomes, using our service stack – Mosaic, Digital Jedis, and other human-centered delivery experience.

  • Implement


    Collaborative approach to innovation, by leveraging our innovation labs, digital financial ecosystems, alliances & partners will make it happen.